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General selling FAQs

  • How do I become a seller on Zatista?

    Thank you for your interest in listing your work on Zatista. All artists and galleries wishing to list on the site must first submit their work to our review team. All work submitted is reviewed on a rolling basis.

    If you wish to submit your work to Zatista for review, please follow these steps:

    1. Registering as a seller on the site.*
    2. Create your artist profile, with a complete artist statement, and profile picture.
    3. List 3 -5 original works being sure to include a full description of the work and with images that are clear, well presented, and in a high-resolution.

    Determination of acceptance by our review team is based on, but not limited to the following:

    • Overall quality of work
    • General presentation of work
    • Clarity of submitted images
    • Subject matter, style, medium, and pricing

    When your information has been completed and work has been submitted, please email the review team at [email protected] letting us know you are ready for review.

    * There are no fees to submit work to Zatista for review.

  • What does it cost to sell my art on Zatista?

    Sellers are charged a flat commission of 45% only when an item is sold through Zatista does not charge listing, or membership fees. There are no buyer related fees on Zatista.

  • What type of artwork may not be listed on Zatista?

    Zatista's focus is on original fine and contemporary art, and photography. In general terms Zatista is focused on art for one's wall.

    Items which may not currently be listed are:

    Knitted Items
    Furniture & Lighting
    Pottery & Ceramics
    Blown Glass

  • May I sell prints of original art?

    Only original works of art may be sold on Zatista. Original artwork is defined as a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is not reproduced or replicated in any way.

    Photography, Digital Works, and Woodcuts, Lithographs, as well as other works created in a format designed for reproduction are the exception to this rule. Reproduced items in this group are limited to 100 signed, and numbered prints from any single original image.

    We are creating Zatista as a place where art buyers can find truly original and special limited numbers of artwork. There are plenty of sites out there to buy prints created in unlimited numbers in the hundreds and thousands, but we aim to provide buyers with one-of-a-kind and truly unique works.

    Zatista actively enforces this policy. Please see the Zatista User Agreement for more information.

  • I am a photographer. May I sell more than one print of a single item?

    Yes. As mentioned above, Photography, Digital Works, and Woodcuts, as well as other works created in a format designed for reproduction are the exception to this rule. Reproduced items in this group are limited to 100 signed, numbered prints from any single original image.

  • May I sell Giclées?

    Giclée of original paintings, watercolors, drawings, etc. may not be sold on Zatista. Exceptions apply to Photography, Digital art, and Woodcuts, as well as other works created in a format designed for reproduction which must be sold in signed, limited edition runs of 100 per original image.

  • What is a Giclée?

    Giclée refers to a type of printing using high-quality fade-resistant "archival" inks, and paper. Zatista does not allow the sale of Giclée for original paintings, watercolors, drawings, or other artwork created in a format not designed for reproduction.

  • May a gallery list my items for me?

    Yes. If you are represented by a gallery, they may list and manage your items on Zatista for you. If you wish to list your work on the site, and your gallery is not in the position to list for you, you will want to check your contract to make sure you are able to do so. Artists and galleries are responsible for any contractual arrangements they have with one another with respect to selling artwork online.

  • If I list on Zatista, am I allowed to sell my art on my own web site or by other means?

    Yes. At Zatista we strive to make artists and galleries as successful as possible. We view Zatista as simply another channel in which you can promote and sell your artwork. Artists are encouraged to continue to sell their art locally and by any other means. We simply ask that you ensure your inventory of items on Zatista is up-to-date. Should an item sell by another method we ask that you remove that item from your Zatista inventory.

  • I am an international artist (or gallery). May I list on Zatista?

    International artists and galleries may list their items for sale on Zatista. All currency is in US dollars and all units of measure are in inches and pounds.

    NOTE: During our beta period we are restricting international registrations to specific countries. If you are not in one of these countries but would still like to register, please contact us at [email protected].

  • I would like to list on Zatista, but do not have the time. Is there someone who can do this for me?

    Yes, you may contact Zatista at [email protected] and we will be able to put you in touch with a listing agent. A listing agent is an independent third party who specializes in helping individual artists, galleries, or other organizations list their art inventory on Zatista.

    Listing agents typically charge a small management fee or percentage of the sold item price. You will want to negotiate any fees with the Listing Agent up front and before you enter into the relationship. Zatista will not responsible for the accuracy of any claims made by listings agents.

  • I would like to become a Listing Agent. I am not a gallery. How do I begin?

    Please contact us at: [email protected] with the subject line reading "Listing Agent Inquiry". A Zatista representative will contact you shortly to discuss. A Zatista representative will never ask for your password in e-mail or on the phone.

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