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Why Sell Art on Zatista?

Zatista is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of original art.

Broader Reach

We expose your art to buyers outside your local market – all over the world.

Have a Web Presence

Create an online store without the complications of maintaining a site.

Powerful Tools

Buyers find you easily with our Art Explorer tool and search.

We Market for You

We do all of the marketing for you which frees up your valuable time.

Secure Purchases

Use our site with confidence – doing business online here is safe & reliable.


No membership or listing fees, only a small commission after art is sold.

What's sold on zatista?

Only original fine and contemporary art and photography may be listed on Zatista. This includes:

  • Oil Paintings
  • Acrylic Paintings
  • Photography
  • Charcoal Drawings
  • Mixed Media
  • Digital Art

What's not sold on Zatista?*

The following may not be sold at this time:

  • Sculpture
  • Jewelry
  • Woven Items and Baskets
  • Clothing/Knitted Items
  • Furniture
* The list above is not comprehensive and can change. Check back as we may add categories of art at any time.

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