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Interview With Guest Curator Robert Verdi

Robert Verdi is This Month's Guest Curator on Zatista

Reputed for making waves in the media, Robert Verdi is a leading lifestyle expert, celebrity stylist and television personality. Verdi stands alone as the sole expert to bridge all-three major style categories: fashion, entertaining and home design. He is the go-to style guru for celebrities like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Bethenny Frankel, Kathy Griffin and Hugh Jackman. Famous for his wit & wisdom, Verdi has become one of the most highly recognizable faces in the world of fashion and design today. Listen to Verdi on newly launched First Comes Fashion on Martha Stewart Living Radio or virtually attend one of Robert’s TWEET THIS! Twitter Parties. Contributing writer Nancy Cost interviews this month’s Guest Curator, Robert Verdi.

As a style and design guru, what do you think makes art compelling in a room?

Art is the X factor in a room, it’s what personality is to a person. Unlike anything else in a design environment, to all who enter the room, art shares your deepest thoughts and gives insight into what you love the most.

When you redesign a room, what role does artwork play?

Sometimes I create a minimal environment with neutral colors and use bold and brazen artwork. Other times, I create vibrant interiors and use subtly in the environment. Either way, art is the punctuation to the room.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Mel Bochner, Andrew Moore, Guido Mocafico, and Roxanne Lowit.

What general misconceptions do you run into regarding buying art?

People think that art is supposed to match the room. Instead, I believe it’s purpose is to reveal passion.

Of the celebrities you’ve worked with who has the most fun art collection?

Do you really have to ask??? Me, of course!

Along the lines of Fashion Police, what ‘citations’ do you most often give regarding how art is displayed at home?

Often, people use cheap frames and they don’t spend the extra money on non-glare glass. People also hang their art too high on the walls. There, I’ve just solved all the world’s problems, haven’t I?

What was the first piece of art you bought?

“Irascible” by Mel Bochner

Have you ever purchased artwork on line?


What’s hanging on your walls at home?

A small fortune.

What would our readers be surprised to know about you?

That I’m straight… just kidding. I’ve been told that I’m not nearly as scary as people expect.

What’s the best way for everyday folks like us to cultivate taste and style?

Go with your gut. When you find something you like whether its, folk art, mid century modern, or turn of the century French, learn more about it, read more, and educate yourself on it.

What tips can you give our readers for starting a great art collection?

By a piece of art that you love and be able to speak about it to anyone who asks you a question about it.

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  2. Nina Fuller
    May 4, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Thank you Zatista and Thank you Robert Verdi for picking two of my photographs as your favorite art on Zatista. Dominique, I read your blog about your photograph being picked and how that made you feel that Monday morning and I felt the same way. I read the e-mail from Zatista many times trying to figure out what they were really saying. A thrilling moment.
    Thank you Robert Verdi and thank you Zatista and Thank You Dominique James for writing about it so eloquently.

    Nina Fuller

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