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Guest Curator Interview with Mr Jon Call

Guest Curator Mr. Jon Call

Jon Call, Interior Designer and founder of Mr Call Designs, a full service Design firm located in New York City is someone you want to know about, if you don’t already. Jon started his firm in 2010 to answer clients needs of resourcing homes at a variety of price points. Since then, Mr Call Designs has established themselves as “the ones to watch” in the world of interior design – creating finely detailed interiors that are accessible, beautiful and modern. Jon has garnered an extensive audience through his blog, Mr Call Blogs, and most recently through his work as Creative Director on The High Low Project, a new show which premiered September 3, 2011 on HGTV.  Mr Call will be speaking about his refreshing concept of luxury and why he’s excited about online art at the Affordable Art Fair in New York, September 21-25. Contributing writer Nancy Cost interviews this month’s Guest Curator, Mr Jon Call.

How did you get started in design?
My first job in the industry was working in the architectural department of Diamond Baratta Design.

What is your concept of luxury?
To me, the concept of luxury is having the freedom to make personal choices regardless of finances, trends, or the fear of what others will think.

Interior by Mr Call Designs

What role does artwork play in your interiors?
I use artwork to give a room a shot of adrenaline. Art brings a room to life and adds personality and character to a home.

How much effort should one put into selecting artwork for the home?
It should take no longer than getting dressed in the morning. It’s an initial, instinctive response.

Can style be affordable?
Making beautiful decisions is affordable. Extravagance is not.

What are a few ways to have fun with an interior without it looking like amateur hour?
Edit, edit, edit! You’ve got to clean your space and do it ruthlessly.

What are two of the most common design ‘mistakes’ people make when dressing their interiors?
Letting nerves get the best of them. Your initial instinct is best. Don’t second guess and don’t settle on a boring decision.

Elle Decor June 2011

What’s trending now?
We’re seeing neutral interiors with strong uses of primary colors. I just got back from fashion week and I was really inspired from the collections.

What’s your favorite thing to buy?

What’s your number one tip for making an interior sizzle?
Making confident decisions from unexpected resources. I want every guest who walks into that home to say, “Where did they find that?”

What intrigues you about buying artwork online?
Buying art online breaks down an imaginary wall and makes art more accessible. Not only for my clients, but for myself included.

What’s hanging on your walls at home?
I have a 20 ft long wall that I use as a collage wall. It’s very informal. There’s an old poster by Félix Gonzalez-Torres from SFMOMA, and a collection of different art pieces and images.

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Comments (3)

    September 29, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Enjoyed reading your interview and will check in on your blog!

  2. Kaileen Burke
    October 4, 2012 at 2:20 am

    As an artist with a mutual love of design, I really enjoyed your interview. I especially appreciate the viewpoint that design does not have to be outrageously expensive and that everyone should be able create a space that is perfect for them.


  3. Lexi
    September 6, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    As an artist representative, you have giving me inspiration.

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