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Tips for New Art Collectors

Everafter by Elizabeth Chapman $150 on Zatista.com

The 19th annual LA Art show (which ended this past Sunday) had it’s first underground art section this year. This section called ‘Littletopia’ featured edgy and emerging artists which young collectors and show goers tend to like, according to the LA Times.

Stork Club by Deanna Fainelli $900 on Zatista.com

Galleries showing in Littletopia offered art ranging from $300-$5000, which are relatively affordable entry level prices for new art collectors. Lauren Albrecht, co-founder of Art Nerd City Guides, said, “…A lot of people don’t know how to get started collecting, so that’s why we wanted to do this — to have engagement with the art show on a more casual and approachable level.” Albrecht continued with her top three tips for beginning art collectors:

Bird Home by Rachel Gillen $375 on Zatista.com

–“Look for a blue chip artist like Damien Hirst or Jim Dine and buy an early print of a multiple run. The later ones in the series — like 15 of 15 — are pricier a year later because they’re now scarce.”

Sand Beach, Late Afternoon by John Bowdren $2,250 on Zatista.com

–“For original, hand painted or handcrafted works, you want to find small but affordable pieces. They may not have much wall power, size wise, but they’re within reach,”

Patternicity #1 by Cynthia Holland $1,925 on Zatista.com

–“Most important: buy what you love; because you’re going to live with it and look at it every day, and you want some kind of emotional connection to it. Go with your gut instinct.”

Homage 1963 by Andrea Rowbotham $450 on Zatista.com

There’s lots to love in the $300-$5000 price range right here on Zatista. And you just cant beat the casual and approachable on-line gallery at your fingertips. So, sit back, relax, and most importantly, have fun shopping for art that will jump off the wall and grab you!


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